About Exploranza

EXPLORANZA - The Freshers' Talent Hunt Contest of P.G.D.A.V. College is organized every year in the college for the 1st year students. This event aims at hunting the best among all, as the freshers put their best foot forward, especially the members from all the Cultural Societies under Hyperion:

RAAGA- The Indian Music Society

CHANAKYA - The Intellectual Society

IMPRESSIONS - The Fine Arts Society

RUDRA - The Street Play Society

TECHWIZ - The IT Society

IRIS- The Photography Society

RAPBEATS - The Hip-Hop Music Society

NAVRANG - The Theatre Society

DIVERSITY - The Dance Society

CONUNDRUM - The Western Music Society

The college has its best freshers competing not only for laurels but also for themselves. It is the perfect stage and opportunity for them to showcase their talents and their potential. It is through their performances and achievements in EXPLORANZA that their confidence is boosted up for further competitions and thereby they come to everyone's notice as the Best of the lot! Through Exploranza everyone gains more knowledge about the College's cultural societies as well. The event brings about a change in the air and gives a break from the daily monotonous college routine. The day starts with the students competing to be in the spotlight and ends with their dancing to the beats of music when they rock and roll. EXPLORANZA instills the freshers with a competitive spirit where they strive hard to be the best of all and prepare themselves to be at par with the seniors or even strive to be better than them